Solo na 4 kaski i stracony czas

Koncept, choreografia, reżyseria: Anna Piotrowska

Concept, choreography, direction: Anna Piotrowska / performance: Anna Zglenicka, Magdalena Kowala, Joanna Woźna, Natalia Murawska / space & light design: Anna Piotrowska / production: Zakład Kulturalny, eferte_Fundacja Rozwoju Tańca, Córy Kultury
premiere: 15.12.2019 r.

Ridiculous assumptions: a helmet minus a loss gives us solo. Solo and loss are the sum of the helmet, and loss is the difference in the number of helmets to solo
Time is counted by the sum of sneezes. Remaining in constant arrears with me. I am asking today from yesterday, i.e. from tomorrow to today. I am, I was, I will, but I am still there. Wasted time. Waste. No hesitation and no answer found. Goodbye. Never again. No desire to find out. Not dressed in words, naked, transparent life, in the burden of satisfaction. Life - an accidental event. Outside of time, I don't remember why I'm here. Am I lost and lost? The likelihood of stories being told. Who am I in identity through a series of changes taking place. I am the Mother, I am the Father, I am the Daughter, I am the Son.
A dream is not a space beyond time - it is. Time does not exist. What does this mean for bodily exploration? Doubts are over - automatic guesswork. Avoiding uncomfortable truths in facts, pace and action in space. Escape in a triple action. (AP)
The starting point for Piotrowska's collaboration was the inspiration of the artists themselves, who captivated with their freshness, enthusiasm and determination, which translates into interesting movement qualities. Characteristic is the energy and dynamics of young artists who are ready for professional artistic cooperation with an experienced artist who has been operating in the matter of movement, body awareness, improvisation and dance theater for over twenty years.
The search for more precise dramaturgy lasted relatively long. Piotrowska experimented in the initial phase with the theme of time. This gave rise to work on the presence and readiness to act.
Anna Piotrowska - Doctor in the field of musical arts in the discipline of rhythm and dance, choreographer, director, teacher of modern dance, dancer, founder and President of the Management Board of the Dance Development Foundation - eferte, founder of "mufmi" in Warsaw (1995). Since 1996, she has created over 110 original choreographies and performances.
From September 2019 acting director of the Bytom Dance and Movement Theater ROZBARK and vice-dean of the Dance Theater Department in Bytom of the Academy of Theater Arts. Stanisław Wyspiański in Krakow.