Choreography and performance:: Magdalena Kowala, Anna Zglenicka
Artistic cooperation: Ulriqa Fernqvist i Peter Svenzon
Music: Wojciech Wilk

Premiere: Klub Żak in Gdańsk, 20.08.2021

The piece is a duet by Magdalena Kowala and Anna Zglenicka, who have been working together on the stage since 2015. Due to the close relationship, the similarity of the creation aesthetics, the dancers decided to talk about the complexity of this bond. The title refers to their mirrored life situations, similarities in their character and appearance. At the next, symbolic level, there is a representation of the female gender, given in specific contexts of the artist: strength, resilience as opposed to women's physicality, and finally the concept of "the sixth sense", sensing the nuances of daily occurrences; sisterhood-like feeling and understanding of the relationship. It is an exploration of the boundaries of one's own personality, strength, searching for understanding beyond words and finding further close, complex relations without kinship. The assumptions are being fulfilled by just the female artists but also in the search for relations and symmetry in dialogue with the viewer, through the use of symbolism that enables this transfer.

The duo was created as part of the residence of the Gdańsk Dance Festival, with the support of the Zakład Kulturalny.