Hertz Haus

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE: Magdalena Kowala, Natalia Murawska, Joanna Woźna, Anna Zglenicka

COSTUMES: Hertz Haus


PICTURES: Anna Zglenicka

DURATION: 60 min

PRODUCER: Gdańsk Dance Festival, Zakład Kulturalny

PREMIERE: 05/09/2020 Gdańsk Dance Festival

The performance received the first prize in the National Competition for the Best Independent Theater Show "The Best Off" 2022 and the performance was included in the Polska Sieć Tańca 2022.

Let's look at the human body today. Here is the finished form known to everyone. A pair of upper limbs, a pair of limbs harmonious symmetry, the head is seated at the forehead of the body, the heaviest of the elements below the torso. Man assembly line production. However, it cannot be assumed that every silhouette is identical at the factory. People they are physically different, they have different skin and hair colors, different body shapes, different facial contours, but all these features are human. It follows that there is more than one way physical being human. The motivation to create the performance is anxiety caused by excessive belief in the constancy of this form and its the only regularity. The performance is a study of the body, breaking it down into factors, deconstructing and checking what this change gives; obtaining a complete picture of human tissues by changing perspectives: from the unconscious, the everyday presence of the body in its truncated functionality - visible and invisible at the same time, through opening all its dimensions towards sensual tangibility. Body puzzles for 1000+ pieces; plasticine members; body intelligence quiz. Taking the body under the microscope as a specific form that we want to destroy. How will body decomposition affect on his perception? Will it still be an acceptable form or rather a destruct? Is the body deprived adopted canon is to be able to assimilate with the environment and with your new structure.