Anna Zglenicka

Anna Zglenicka - Graduated Theatre Knowledge at Univesity of Gdańsk, also studied Dance In Physical Culture (AWF Poznań), curently she collect and mix visual and performance experiences at Intermedia (ASP Gdańsk). The dance education began in her twenties, by taking contemporary and dance theatre lessons. She gained skills and knowledge from workshops with tutors: Anna Piotrowska, Melissa Monteros i Wojciech Mochniej, Eryk Makohon, Igor Podsiadły, Stacy Boeddeker, Ira Nadia Kodiche, Rita Gobi, Patricia Apergi.
She aknowledged movement language GAGA and Ohad's Naharin repertoire at: Hasadna Summer Bites in Tel Awiv (Oded Graf &Yossi Berg, Shahar Binyamini, Sharon Eyal, Keren Luria Pardes, Gon Biran, Ofir Yehudalevich, Shuli Enush) and Gaga Intensive in Londynie (Ohad Naharin, Ian Robinson, Rachael Osborne, Adi Zlatin), also in Poland: Natalia Iwaniec, Michal Sayfan.
She took part in Sopot Dance Theatre project "SYS 212”; and performed in: „Fracaso”, „MY_SZY”, „Portrety Beznadziejne” i "Her(t)z" produced by Theatre Znak. The last two of them were made with Magda Kowala, Natalia Murawska and Joanna Woźna. Now, the dancers created a collective in which they can realize pojects about importatnt, personal matter.

- „SYS 212” 2016r. Sopocki Teatr Tańca,
- „MY_SZY”, 2016r. Gdańsk, Teatr ZNAK,
- „Portraits of despair”, 2017r. - Pracownia Tańca Teatru Znak
(individual prize at dance theaters festival „Otwórz oczy” 2017 r. in Słupsk for best creation – jury: Manuel Badass, Błażej Peszek),
- „Her(t)z” 2018 r. – Hertz Haus,
- „Solo na 4 kaski i stracony czas” 2019r. [chor. A. Piotrowska],
- „Unbody” 2020r. – Hertz Haus, "The Best Off” 1st Prize,
- „Mirroring” 2021r. - duet with Magdalena Kowala,
- "Frauen in Flammen" 2022r., [codirecting with M. Kowala, J. Woźna],
- "Hotel H.****" 2023r. [dir. D. Knapik].